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BrokerNotes was founded in 2014 with a simple idea: let’s make it easier to find an online broker.

Over the years, that straightforward goal evolved into a mission; to make the world of investing easier to understand and to simplify the process of finding, comparing, and choosing reputable online brokers.

Since those early days, we’ve conducted thousands of hours of research, harvested and validated thousands of data points, crafted tens of thousands of words, and developed powerful tools and proprietary algorithms. We've also created data-driven broker reviews and in-depth trading guides.


Our editorial process is independent and unbiased. Our business model keeps any and all marketing efforts – including our affiliate partnerships – completely separate from our editorial process. This includes our research, testing, evaluations, and editorial content decisions.

We don’t highlight (or ignore) any specific services or products to make more money, or to gain or maintain paid partnerships. Ever.

If you want to know more, we’re happy to talk about how we make money.


There’s a reason our coverage is so well-respected in the industry. Our expert team of writers, researchers, content strategists, data analysts, editors, traders, and investors has decades of industry experience.

Our writers have crafted thousands of articles covering the most complex subjects in the global finance space, and our data analysts have created algorithms that are unparalleled in the industry. We are passionate about helping our readers make great choices for their money, and we are proud to say that we’re obsessed with creating the best finance content on the internet.


Our approach is always driven by insightful data collection, careful research, and our proprietary testing methods.

We regularly audit and validate our own data, and we continue to add more data points and testing variables to ensure that our information remains accurate and up to date.

As on our sister sites, StockBrokers.com and ForexBrokers.com, our rigorous data validation process yields an error rate of less than 1% each year.

At BrokerNotes, we leave no stone unturned; click here to learn more about how we test.


BrokerNotes is part of the Reink Media Group (RMG) extended universe of personal finance content, investor education, and online broker reviews. Reink Media Group is 100% independent; we don’t answer to any corporate ownership groups.

Our guiding principle is “People before profits.”

Our company mantra is “Have fun, while growing in a scalable and sustainable way.”

RMG’s content has been read by everyday investors and respected by industry executives for over 13 years. We’ve helped over 38 million users across our family of sites since RMG’s inception, and we look forward to helping many more as we grow and continue to expand our coverage.


Reink Media Group is a Certified B Corp, meeting the high, independently verified standards of social and environmental performance and public transparency. Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders.

Reink Media Group earned its B Corp certification in October 2022, after undergoing a rigorous in-depth review by B Lab – a nonprofit network that certifies B Corporations. B Lab reviewed Reink Media Group’s operations and business model and evaluated how RMG impacts its workers, community, customers, and the environment. Reink Media Group and all of its domains will repeat the assessment and verification process every three years to maintain its B Corp certification.

Reink Media’s B Corp Impact report is publicly available on bcorporation.net where readers can compare B Corps scores against the performance of mainstream businesses.

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